SWEAT offers training for ALL levels!!

U6 Mites - High School


Experienced Level

 Beginner Level

Registration for each level is NOT based on player's age. Instead, it is designed to be focused on skating abilities. Each level will focus on different fundamental skating techniques and other skills that are specific to that level of  talent and ability. Therefore, we ask that you register your player for the appropriate level. It will NOT do your player any good to be in a development level that is far too high for her ability. We strive to build confidence in each and every player and develop them at the appropriate level and pace.

Please read below for more information about the level in which you are registering!


The speed in today's girl's game is mind-boggling. Every year we continue to see players who are bigger, stronger, and faster and the players now who usually dominate the sport are those who are the fastest and most skilled. The two most fundamental hockey techniques are skating and stick-handling. However, it's pretty difficult to be a great puck handler if you can't maneuver the puck while skating fast. 

​"If you can't skate, you can't play our sport. Skating is an art!" -Wayne Gretzky

As a Varsity Girl's Hockey Head Coach, I have witnessed each year, the speed of the game increase. However,  due to this, it has also left a huge deficit in many player's game and has often left many girls lagging behind their peers. Your speed is based on how quick you are on the puck and how quickly you change directions with sharp turns, quick stops and explosive starts. Being quick in these areas is the difference between being a fast or a slow skater in the coach's eye and these aspects are the difference between an average player and an elite player. Competitive players who aspire to play hockey at a high level must master balance, agility, and maneuverability.

Therefore, we at SWEAT have decided that change the format of our clinic to highly focus on skating technique. As coaches, we see it every day; hockey kids are put out on the ice with a stick and puck and told to "skate hard." However, they are not being taught how to skate. The assumption is that by skating more and "moving the legs" a million miles an hour, they'll skate faster. Wrong! They may learn to move their legs fast, but they may end up going nowhere fast at all! We at SWEAT will change that and teach each and every player, how to skate! 

Skating is based upon scientific principles - force generation, center of gravity, acceleration, momentum, inertia, velocity, centrifugal forces, etc. SWEAT Skating and Skills Academy will focus on ​skating techniques that include: speed, agility, mobility, power, quickness, explosiveness, and efficiency.

On-Ice Training

Designed for players committed to learning and improving their skills and knowledge on the ice and who want to challenge themselves beyond what they are already capable of. SWEAT's On-Ice Training implements the practical application of building hockey specific skating skills and techniques and implementing these techniques in the game. 

Instructors: Aubri Lindberg, Dustin Thompson 

Part-Time Instructors: Mira Jalosuo and Sara Bustad

Skating Technique Training:

Overspeed & Neuromuscular Training

-Skating Stride Mechanics/Development

-Explosive Speed and Power Training

-Edge Work, Balance, and Body Control


-Anaerobic Endurance Conditioning

-Fundamentals Training:

-Puck Control




-Battle Drills

(Lower Lower U12, U10, U8)

Skating techniques focused on at this level
Basic stride/touch
Hockey stop, parallel edges (one outside, one inside)
Forward inside edges
Knee drops, forward and backward (no hands on ice
Forward C-cuts 
Forward leg lifts - front, side, back.
Forward stride, with proper arm swing
Backward inside edges, two on each foot
Forward outside edges - X cuts 
Backward C-cuts - good push and complete leg recovery
One foot hops, 3 on each foot, 3 backward on each foot, good knee bend
Forward crossovers on circles. Strong outside edgesAll of these techniques are covered in our standard clinics

Advanced Level: 
(Upper U12, U15, JV and Varsity Level Players)

Skating techniques focused on at this level
Starts four steps on toes. Full distance
Backward to forward turns, showing acceleration and correct pushes out of the turns (V and crossover turns)
Circle turns, no crossovers, on deep edges: backward, forward, backward, etc.
Obstacle course at speed, showing speed and agility: Land jumps and accelerate with no hesitation between strides
S Drill, forward and backward, with high hops
Forward stride, backward stride, forward and backward crossovers, starts (front, side, and backward crossovers on both sides)
Double Pump Acceleration - slow to fast (straight away and corners)
Slow to fast, frontal
Slow to fast, using crossovers (both sides)
Five to six strides on straight away at full speed
Forward lateral mobility with puck
Skate forward, jump over stick, land on toe, accelerate forward.
Stops and starts with puck. All starts must have four steps on toes
Backward crossovers, slow to fast- both directions
Bulling (protecting puck), both sides
Forward crossovers, slow to fast, accelerate around corners, with puck
Tight turns, figure 8's, exit tight turn accelerating with crossover start on toes. Without, then with puck
Shooting off inside leg and inside edges.
Transition - forward to backward, backward to forward: F to far blue line, turn B. B to near blue line, turn F. Skate to far end
Transition - B to F, F to B: Start in corners: 3 strides B, turn F. 3 strides F, turn B.
Windmill turns, both sides.

Note: *This is an individual skill driven power skating clinic. Therefore, it does NOT matter the age of the other players that are also on the ice. Each skater will only take away from the clinic, what they put in to it!

Equipment Storage

Advanced Level/High School: participants will be able to utilize the North Metro Stars High School Locker Room all summer to store equipment overnight.

Beginner Lever: Daily locker rooms provided             NO overnight equipment storage available



Skating and Skills Academy

                                       Open to all players in the Twin City Area

SWEAT Hockey Camp is designed specifically for the female hockey player.  Our curriculum is geared towards competitive players who aspire to play at the collegiate level one day.  It is our goal to push each individual player to reach their maximum potential in order to compete at the next level. Our camps are focused on age appropriate skills, techniques, and mental understanding of the sport that are designed to facilitate the "All-Around Hockey Player."  SWEAT will help you reach your hockey goals!