(Lower U12, U10, U8)

Skating techniques focused on at this level
Basic stride/touch
Hockey stop, parallel edges (one outside, one inside)
Forward inside edges
Knee drops, forward and backward (no hands on ice
Forward C-cuts 
Forward leg lifts - front, side, back.
Forward stride, with proper arm swing
Backward inside edges, two on each foot
Forward outside edges - X cuts 
Backward C-cuts - good push and complete leg recovery
One foot hops, 3 on each foot, 3 backward on each foot, good knee bend
Forward crossovers on circles. Strong outside edgesAll of these techniques are covered in our standard clinics

Note: *This is an individual skill driven power skating clinic. Therefore, it does NOT matter the age of the other players that are also on the ice. Each skater will only take away from the clinic, what they put in to it!



Dates:  June 12, 2017 - July 25, 2017


Days:  Mondays and Tuesdays     (12 sessions)


Times:  2:45pm - 3:45pm     (1-hour per session) 


ATTTENTION: NO Sessions the Week of July 1 - July 8, 2017. 



Location:​Brooklyn Park Community Center  (Rink 2)


Program consists of:6 weeks of Training/12 Sessions (See below for more details)

                                  12 hours of On-Ice Power-Skating Training and Skill Development (30min power-skating, 30min skill development)

                                  SWEAT T-shirt at conclusion of camp




Prices:      $210/skater+tax       

​                 $100/goalie​+tax



Family Discounts:     None provided



There will be NO pro-rated discounts for missed sessions!



Camp maximum participants:   40 skaters     4 goalies

           minimum participants:    22 skaters     1 goalie




Registration is now OPEN

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Registered Participants

​                                                                           1. Alexis Thompson                       11. Addison Giese

                                                                           2. Taylor Thompson​                       12. Chloe Lamothe 

                                                                           3. Karma Waste                             13. Ashlyn Anderson 

                                                                           4. Madelyn Ames                           14. Alayna Geithman

                                                                           5. Kari Spitzenberger                     15. Megan Soukup (Goalie) 

                                                                           6. Ashley Dorn                               16. Anya Rokusek (Goalie)

                                                                           7. Leyna Halvorson                        17. Piper DeLong

                                                                           8. Regan Jaeger                            18. 

                                                                           9. Megan VanCurler                       19. 

                                                                          10. Mia Morton                                20.